Well, hello there stranger.  It’s been quite a while since a blog post has gone up.  Nonetheless though, we have still be living out our World of Gervase.  Homeschool. Ministry. Family. Life.  There have been some changes in our lives since the last time, but we will discuss those in due time.  We apologize for the brief…extended break from the blog.  We had a security issue arise and needed to allow time for authorities to do their job.  Now, we are ready to get back at it.  Before we had to take a break, I had wrote a blog concerning our homeschool curriculum for first grade.  While we have had some changes to the curriculum, I wanted to go ahead and post this to show you what we started off with and shortly I will do a follow-up post to update to where we are now.

So here we go…

Wow!!  Can you believe it?  It’s that time of year again…HOMESCHOOL!!  Our school year runs from the first Monday in August to the last week of April.  We do 180 days of school.  My last homeschool blog post about the Kindergarten curriculum that we used was extremely popular; therefore, I’m going to share what curriculum we have chosen for first grade.  We are not doing a “boxed” curriculum, but after research I have decided on the various curriculums from different publishers.


  • Horizons 1 Kit
    • 160 Lessons
    • Teacher’s Guide with Answer Key
    • 2 Student Workbooks
    • Can be purchased here

Social Studies/History 

  • Story of the World Volume 1
    • 42 Chapters
    • 314 pages
    • Ancient history covering from early nomadic times through last Roman Emperor
    • Can be purchased here
  •  Story of the World Volume 1 Audio CDs
    • Can be purchased here
  • Bob Jones Heritage Studies 1 Kit
    • 11 Chapters
    • Comes with quizzes, teacher’s guide, activity manual, and textbook
    • Can be purchased here


  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy
    • 14 Lessons
    • Averages about 28 weeks to cover material
    • Can be purchased here
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal
    • Can be purchased here


  • Daily Geography Practice Level 1
    • Lessons for 36 Weeks
    • Average time 15 minutes daily (mon-fri)
    • Can be purchased here


  • Horizons Health Grade 1 kit
    • 7 Units
    • approximately 50 Lessons
    • 30-40 minutes per lesson
    • Teacher’s guide and student workbook
    • Can be purchased here


  • Word Wisely 3000 level 1
    • 15 Lessons
    • The teacher packet can be purchased here
    • The student book can be purchased here


  • Hoizons Phonics and Reading Kit Grade 1
    • 160 Lessons
    • Teacher guide with answer key, extra worksheets, and lesson plans
    • 2 Student Workbooks
    • 2 student readers
    • Can be purchased here


  • A Reason for Handwriting
    • 28 lessons
    • Each lesson has work for 5 days a week
    • Can be purchased here


  • All About Spelling
    • Can be purchased here
  • Bob Jones Spelling Grade 1
    • 30 weeks, 5 days a week
    • Can be purchased here

Language Lessons

  • First Language Lessons for the Well-trained Mind Level 1 by Jessie Wise
    • 100 Lessons
    • Lessons take an average of 15-20 minutes
    • Can be purchased here


  • One Year Devotion for Boys
    • Can be purchased here


  • My Body (Teacher Created Resources)
    • Can be purchased here
  • Science Learn and Explore 1st grade workbook
    • Can be purchased here
  • Pearson My World Social Studies: Making Our Way
    • Can be purchased here

So, that’s it! Looks like we have a year filled with lots of learning and we are both very excited about it!  If you have any questions about any of the curriculum that you would like more in-depth info about.  Then feel free to comment below or message us through our contact page!

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